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monks training

I’m so mad because a few weeks ago I made out with a guy and now I know that he has been saying it to all his friends saying that I was so hot and stuff like that when he promised me not to tell anyone,I’m not a prize for god’s sake.

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I love abandoned roller coasters. I believe this photo was taken at the abandoned Chippewa Lake Park, located in Medina, Ohio.  One of the places I plan on visiting this winter.
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Anonymous: How does one lucid dream?

I’ve been lucid dreaming almost everynight for the pasts 2 months,but I’ve never learned it’s something I can do.

Maybe at first you have to be able to remember your dreams (write them,that helps a lot) and then you’ll may be able to lucid dream :/

I have a page with more awnsers http://atma-moon.tumblr.com/tagged/spiritual-awnser

I think meditating before sleep will help you a lot.

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